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Creating and maintaining web pages

Global trend of doing business on the Internet is growing every day. Every successful company, service or product is not fully presented to the public, business partners and customers, without quality presentation on the Internet. The primary goal of Tindir informatics is to offer in one place a full and complete service to its customers:

  • Owners of private companies in need of internet marketing,
  • Companies that need to use Internet marketing as a means of informing customers about the services and news.
  • Entrepreneurs starting up new businesses with some innovative product or service and want to show how the product is used and what are its advantages,
  • Property owners,
  • Apartment renters,
  • Tourist and travel agencies,
  • Automobile dealers, banks, institutions, associations and all others ...


Website Design

A professionally designed website is an investment that should repay itself, Tindir Informatics for their clients create websites that return money to their owners. more...

Web Hosting

This is a service of renting a space on the internet for placing yours web pages. Tindir Informatics will take all obligations and locate your site on the top server. more...

Web Marketing

Once you have made a website on which to present your products or services do not remain anonymous. Take advantage of internet marketing, get in touch with those who need your product or service. more...

Search Engine Optimization

Attract as many visitors to your site. Stay ahead of the competition, and for that you need to achieve a high position in the search engines. more...

IT Services

We provide fast and efficient maintenance and upgrade of computers and related equipment, network infrastructure and servers. more...

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