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Web design

Website Design

A professionally designed website is an investment that should repay itself, Tindir Informatics for their clients create websites that return money to their owners. It is important that your new website is attractive and makes a good impression, but also a number of details should be taken into account. Equally important are page design, programming, content and site optimization for search engines.

Website development includes:

  • creating the structure and design of the site
  • CMS system programming and customization, depending on customer needs
  • design and programming of individual pages, eg, about us, contact ...
  • entry and processing of submitted texts, images and photos
  • drafting of the basic e-mail contact form for inquiries
  • putting your business locations on Google Maps
  • domain registration
  • purchase web hosting and setting up a website on the Internet
  • primary site optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • adding a site to the web search engines Google, Bing.

To create a web page, you need to:

submit materials, logos, photos and texts, and if you do not have the materials, Tindir informatics can make them for you on request. When you request web design and deliver the materials we begin building the website according to your instructions and wishes.

Web hosting

Web Hosting

This is a service of renting a space on the internet for placing yours web pages. Tindir Informatics will take all obligations and locate your site on the top server which allow access to your web site 24 hours a day.

IT usluge

IT Services

Tindir informatics quickly and efficiently perform maintenance and upgrade of computers and related equipment, network infrastructure and servers to its clients in the area of ​​Zagreb.

Tindir Informatics for their clients:

  • Finding the causes of computer failure
  • Performs changing faulty components
  • Assembles computers from new or used components of your choice
  • Upgrades computer components to increase the speed of operation and capabilities of the computer
  • Computer adjusts according to the needs and requirements of users
  • Performs installation and reinstallation of Windows and Linux
  • Checks and cleans from viruses
  • Performs storing your data on removable media or on hard drive
  • Performs network connections of home and business computers and connects them to remote workplaces
  • Performs connection to the internet services: web, mail, news ...

Photo taking service and image processing for websites

To create a web page it is necessary to submit photos along with other materials. If you have photos for publication on the site send them in electronic form (as a file) or in printed form - in this case we charge scaning of photos. In case you dont have your own photos, tindir informatics can hire a professional photographer to take pictures for you. At your request, we come to you and take photos of your premises, advertising brochures, and all types of products that you want to present on your website. To design a site it is possible to used free images from the Internet that does not require paying royalties to use. On the Internet, you can also choose to purchase the photos you want to use on your website.


Domain Registration

Before you get into the process of making a website it is necessary to open or register a domain. Tindir informatics will register a domain name for your website. The domain is your unique name on the Internet that will bring millions of online visitors to your website. A domain name is usually named after the name of your company, your products or services ..

By law in the Republic of Croatia any legal or physical person has the right to get one free .hr domain. Besides free .hr domain, it is possible to register any other commercial domains that are charged, and those are, for example: .hr domain with the name of your choice, as well as other domains. Com, Com.hr, Net, Info, Biz, Org, Eu, Tv, Me.

Održavanje web stranica

Website Maintenance

After creating a web site, the most important step in your presentation on the internet is a regular website maintenance. It is necessary from time to time to update and refresh web page with new materials. Web pages must be always actual, fresh and rich with new information. Website maintenance means a change in the content of your website, i.e. changes to existing texts, adding new ones, and to make changes to the design of web page.

Tindir informatics offers to its clients:

  • site maintenance as needed or periodically
  • making a maintenance contract, in the event that there is a need for frequent changes and content updates.

Internet Marketing

Once you have made a website on which to present your products or services do not remain anonymous. Take advantage of internet marketing, get in touch with those who need your product or service.

Attract as many visitors to your site. Stay ahead of the competition, and for that you need to achieve a high position in the search engines. Tindir informatics offers a Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is a group of measures to improve the position of websites in search on Google or Bing search engine. It is important that your website is on the first page of search engine, that holds a position among the top ten, and thus attract more visitors, inquiries and customers.

In case you want to be even more successful, your ad to appear as the first search result on Google that is at the top of the page Tindir Informatics offers Google AdWords advertising as the best choice. With Google AdWords advertising your ads are displayed each time when the Internet visitor searches a specific keyword, or when a visitor searches for exactly what you offer on your website. This may result in new clients and you pay per click, therefore only when the user comes to your site. In this way you completely control your advertising costs.

Apart from the above mentioned advertising on the internet there are other endless opportunities. Among other things, today is a very popular advertising on social networks (eg Facebook). Facebook is the world's largest social network with a growing number of users. Everyday on the social networks 700 new peoples are registered. According to statistics, every fourth Croat has a Facebook account. It is the most visited site from Croatia, where visitors are there should also be advertisers, because they are your potential customers. The same trend is on a global scale. More and more business people from around the world make up a large part of the Facebook network. Facebook offers several ways to publish all information about your business, products and services, and to attract as many friends. Tindir informatics can create for you Facebook profile on the Internet.

Twitter is an Internet social network intended for short messages, which can consist of 140 characters maximum. It is especially popular among fans of social networks who wish to be informed about your products in a quick and short way. If you enjoy a quick and easy informing, Twitter is the easiest way to connect with people with similar interests and thoughts. Tindir Informatics can open and maintain your Twitter profile.

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